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“This was my first time using Workible, I have to say it was such a quick process. I joined on the 19th of August and applied for this position at Dymocks. I received a response the following Tuesday to come in for an interview. I have already recommended your company to a friend that is currently looking for work. My experience has been great and I would highly recommend to others :)” — Anna G.

“This is the first bit of real help I have received in a long time and sincerely hope it works for me. You've been enormously helpful and once again appreciate your generosity. I just want to get off this perpetual treadmill of worry and concern and start a real job that makes good use of my skills. Have a wonderful evening and I'll let you know how things work out.” — Michael P.

“Thank you for your email this morning regarding feed back on my job application at Grey Gum Cafe. I did get the position as short order cook and barrista. I will adjust my profile today. As i am only working casually, between 12-20 hrs per week, I am continuing to search for more appropriate employment.” — Michelle M.