Recruitment Is Getting Personal

In a changing workforce, your job is no longer to source candidates.

It is to market employment brand and manage talent flow ™.

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The workforce is changing. That represents both challenge and opportunity.

When getting the best people for your clients is what counts, you need to have a continual flow of talent.

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“Where is the Workforce Heading – and How Does That Affect Us As Recruiters”

RCSA 2016 Conference


Some Key Changes That Affect You…

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    Workforce Trend Changes

    Job seekers look for how a company presents itself. Develop a strong brand proposition for your client. Then sell the client brand.

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    Hiring Changes

    Contingent Workforce grows. Boomerang – re-hires so cultivate relationships. Workforce planning becomes pivotal. Time to hire reduces. Mobile dominates all aspects of hiring.

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    Technology Changes

    Mobile platform dominates all aspect of hiring. The rise of the niche network. Social networks account for 59% of hires. Online profiles take over resumes. Dominance of Video communication, even with interviews.

Here’s a massive opportunity for you:

The New Recruiter:

  • Gives you a permanent role with your clients
  • Attract all, the tell the brand stories, syphon into clients
  • Manage the engagement process
  • Continually build the talent community
  • Gain a talent referral network
  • Use all media – mobile, video, social – to attract
  • Guide Talent to the skills they need for the jobs they want.

The Opportunity:

  • You’re the people specialists.
  • You can value add like never before
  • You can replace one-off income with permanent, ongoing fees
  • You become the source of every hire

Recruiters become brand ambassadors


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