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“Really quick and easy no drama to use. Got the ad up in 10 mins.”

Elizabeth Scheurer


“Within 24 hours Workible had found the staff we needed to fulfil these orders including a specialist chocolate bouquet maker.”

James Keighley


“Workible has made the recruiting process a whole lot easier as it brings the right candidates to you rather than you going searching for them. With all the applicant’s details and job history broken down into simple sections which are easily expandable, navigation for the applicants is very simple. “

Roopi P.


“Workible has been a great help with recruiting casual staff for our new pop up store in Eastgardens. The app allowed me to search for available candidates quickly whilst waiting for a bus. I was then able to post the job vacancy and receive applications from interested candidates before I had reached the office. ”

Case Study: Dymocks

With over 18,000 candidates on tap, Dymocks‘ recruitment is much more Workible



For many bookworms, the opportunity to work in Dymocks is a dream job hence Dymocks staff are constantly bombarded with walk-in job applicants and over-the-counter resumes.

But sorting through dusty piles of resumes on the floor or an outdated email database is ineffective and inefficient not only because of the time it takes to sort through but the waste of time finding out who is still looking for work and if their availability and skills match the role.




The Dymocks Job Network — Now, at the Dymocks flagship store, staff no longer take over-the counter resumes. Instead, they hand out cards directing Dymocks’ jobseekers to the Dymocks’ Job Network on Workible.

Like a dynamic resume, jobseekers build their profiles on Workible which include something that most resumes don’t – the days, times and hours they’re available.

And with Workible unique push-notification reminders, jobseekers profiles are always up to date.

Now when they need to hire, they simply post a position to their Job Network members. Those who matched to skills, availability, location and experience are push notified immediately and invited to apply.

Case Study: Max Brenner

Time-to-hire reduced to days with 14,000 candidates in the Max Brenner Job Network


With 41 cafes across the country, recruitment for Max Brenner was often handled first at store level by Branch Managers and Area Managers with the Head Office HR Team stepping in when necessary.

This led to inconsistent employer branding, ineffective and inefficient recruitment processes which were time-consuming and costly as well as compromises on the quality of hire due to time demands which further exacerbated the recruitment problems as poor hires led to even poorer employees.




The Max Brenner Job Network — Now, at any Max Brenner cafe across the country, their chocolate-loving customers are encouraged to join the Max Brenner Job Network on Workible. So, next time the Branch Manager needs to hire, they simply use the head-office approved job templates in Workible to post a job in less than 30 seconds.

They’re immediately connected to hundreds of eager brand fans who are waiting for an opportunity to work for them — so within days, if not hours, they have a list of best-fit candidates. And, when Max Brenner launches new cafes, going from 0-to-staffed is easy with over 12,000 candidates to draw from. Not to mention, being able to recruit internally first using Workible’s Internal Recruitment feature.

Build your own Job Network of brand-fans and have talent on tap!

Why “post and wait” on your average job board when you can tap into your own personal talent pool and instantly connect to job seekers who not only fit your needs but love your brand?

Build your own Job Network of prospective hires, brand fans and previous applicants through Workible and have a ready “pool” of candidates available every time you need to hire.

This plus Workible’s world-class data matching will not only dramatically reduce the time and money you spend on recruitment by connecting you to best-fit candidates instantly, but it also means Workible is able to provide every applicant with personalised feedback so next time you need to hire, the pool of candidates you tap into is better qualified for your roles.

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