Why can’t I find “Workible” in the App Store?

If you can’t find Workible in the App Store, it’s likely you have an iTunes account in a different country because Workible is currently only available in Australia.

If this is the case, you can either setup a second iTunes Store account in Australia or simply change the country on your existing iTunes Store account to begin using it in Australia. In either scenario, you can still have content from both accounts loaded into iTunes and on your iOS devices — in fact, each iOS device can support content from up to five different iTunes Store accounts.

Although you can play authorised content from multiple iTunes Store accounts, you will need to choose one account to sign into your devices with for the purpose of purchasing new content. For new purchases, you can switch back and forth between multiple accounts, but you may find this to be cumbersome compared to simply using a single account.

If you simply choose to change the country on your existing iTunes Store account, your previous purchases will be similarly retained and you can begin using the Australian iTunes Store directly with the new account. Similarly, you can switch the account back to your old account should you move back at some point.

It is also important to note that iTunes and iOS enforce a 90-day limit on changing accounts if you have used your account to re-download purchases or have configured it to automatically download new purchases or subscribed to iTunes Match. In this case, you will not be able to switch to another account for these features for 90 days from the time that you first enabled them, although you can still use an alternate account for new purchases if you wish. This limitation does not apply to automatically downloading or re-downloading applications, however—only other types of content such as music, movies, books and TV shows.

I have joined a Shortlist on the app, but it says there are no positions. How do I apply?

Shifts and jobs only appear if the Employer wants to make their opportunity public. Sometimes, instead of publishing an opportunity, our Employers browse through the available candidate profiles and get in touch directly with the job seekers they’d like to interview. Often they’ll only search for the candidates who have shown enough interest in their company to join their Shortlist. However, please note, for your profile to be seen by our Employers and to receive notifications when new opportunities are posted, your profile must be completed.

Workible is reinventing the way recruitment is done so while it’s more efficient for both job seekers and employers, it’s certainly very different than what most people are used to. We are new, so while the number of opportunities grows, we recommend using Workible in addition to your other job search strategies.

How does Workbile match me with work opportunities?

We take into account your Worker Status, location (within 50km of the opportunity), availability (days and times), Shortlist and/or Staff Room you’re a member of and the skills found in your profile (both endorsed and un-endorsed) when finding work opportunities to suggest to you.

If your Worker Status is sent to “Not actively looking” then we will not send you alerts but you can still find these in your matches within Workible.

I saw that I had a notification but now it’s gone. How do I see it?

Yes, we’ve done this too! Your notifications will always appear in the pull down Reminder list on an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Do I have to keep the app logged in at all times to receive any updates?

No, you will still receive notifications even after you log out of the app as long as you’ve answered “Yes” when asked if you would like to allow Workible to send you push notifications.

We would advise you to keep your notifications on, particularly when you’re actively looking for a job, so that you find out about opportunities that match your profile settings as soon as the opportunity becomes available. This way you can respond quickly and have the best chance of success.

If you no longer want to receive notifications, you can change this in your smartphone settings.

If I’m particularly interested in roles with a certain Employer, do I write that in my profile?

We would advise not to be really specific in your profile about a particular role or Employer. Keep your details relatively general but you write it in a way that would appeal to your Employer of choice. We’d advise including things that they would be looking for such as details about your experience in their industry (if you have it) and if you don’t then your interest in their industry and why it appeals to you.

If there are certain interests, hobbies or personal traits that you think makes you particularly suited for a role with your preferred Employer, be sure to include this information in your “About” section.

How do I get endorsed skills on my profile?

Workible and our Clients actively endorse workers in the community for skills as a way to qualify your abilities. If you’re an employee of one of our Clients, they will assign skills that they have verified you have. If you’re a job seeker, you can contact Workible to ask us to verify you for certain skills or we may reach out and ask if you’d like us to help.

By selecting “Don’t include me in Candidate Search Results” at the bottom of the profile page, does this mean that others will be unable to see my profile?

If you select “Don’t include me in Candidate Search Results” when editing your profile, then your profile will not appear to an Employer registered on Workible when they search through candidate profiles looking for job seekers to contact about an available position.

This could potentially hurt your chances of being contacted by a prospective Employer because this is a method that they use to connect with candidates, particularly when they have quick needs.