Workible started life as one simple mobile site that allowed jobseekers and employers to connect – in real time, through mobile devices – around jobs.

As we grew, more and more companies and organisations recognised the power of our technology and came to us asking if they could use it to support their own career and job sites.

Now, the Workible technology powers the largest connected network of job sites in Australia giving you the widest exposure to jobseekers all around the country.

Every job site in the Workible network works the same – and each is linked to every other one through the WorkibleJobs hub. What that means is that when a job is posted on any site (or through associated Workible mobile apps) in the network, it will appear on all of the “powered by Workible” sites that are the most relevant.

So, as an example, when a national employer in Melbourne posts a job on Workible for staff in Charlestown Square, Newcastle, it not only appears on but also on Charlestown Square Shopping Centre’s job site, Hunter TAFE’s careers platform, JobsInTheHunter and in Workible’s Retail Network – all of which are powered by Workible.

Workible’s reach into regional Australia is unsurpassed, which means that finding staff in country areas, for either local businesses or nationals with regional outlets, is now easier than ever before.

And jobseekers can use their Workible login for any site in the Workible network without having to create separate accounts. And once they’re logged in, they can see all of their account activity.

Easy, huh? And that’s the way it should be.

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