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Webinars run from 10am to 11am and includes Q+A time with other attendees.

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Fiona Anson

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Alli Baker

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    • October 2016 – TBC

Past Webinar Recordings

    • Where the Workforce Is Heading and What It Means for You as Recruiters

      This webinar is based on from Fiona’s highly acclaimed presentation at the 2016 RCSA Conference in Port Douglas. Predictions of a project-based workforce, trends to “boomerang” staffing and jobs being replaced by technology are all coming to fruition but there are many more trends in the workforce that aren’t being discussed. For a Recruiter, knowing these trends can help you predict the demands of your clients for specific roles or skills. Successful Recruiters in the next decade will harness the availability of this information to build businesses that are less about “answering the call” and more about predicting and preparing for client need which automatically enables them to have the ability to fulfill those needs quickly and efficiently. Click here for the webinar recording…


    • What Job Seekers Really Think of Your Employer Brand — The 2016 National Job Seeker Report: Today’s candidate experience is a disgrace. From false advertising, rude interviewers, degrading interview processes and broken promises, job seekers tell all in the 2016 National Job Seeker Report. Find out what job seekers really think of your employer brand and why you need to care in this 45-minute webinar. Fiona and Alli share the results of national survey and provide a practical framework to rise above what’s become the appalling norm to gain the competitive edge you need to attract talent and earn a reputation as an Employer of Choice. Click here for the webinar recording…

    • Getting Poor Applicants? It’s Not Them, It’s You: If you’re not attracting enough quantity or quality candidates when you recruit, tune in to this 30-minute webinar as Alli and Fiona uncover the 5 big recruitment mistakes you might be making and find out how to simplify your sourcing strategies to get better results. Click here for the webinar recording…

    • 5 HR Hacks to Reinvent Your Tired Recruitment Strategy: We think it’s time Hacking came to HR. In this 45-minute webinar, Fiona and Alli share 5 of their top HR Hacks focused on low-cost and innovative alternatives to traditional recruitment (like never paying for job ads again!) plus, get some insight into what “hacking” is exactly and how some of the approaches and frameworks can translate across into HR from Ryan Wardell – growth hacker extraordinaire! Click here for the webinar recording…

    • Employer Branding 101 – How to Show not Tell: When it comes to Employer Branding 101, there’s absolutely nothing to lose, only something to gain. Workible Directors Alli Baker and Fiona Anson look at some fantastic examples of what companies are doing right and how you can easily follow their lead — plus, they’ll help arm you with the tools to convince others in your organisation how big an impact Employer Branding can have on not just your recruitment efforts, but your bottom line!

    • HR, a Revenue Stream: Flip your focus from cost saver to money maker — In this webinar, Workible Directors Alli Baker and Fiona Anson discuss how the HR function has evolved, what role the HR team plays in “best-in-class” companies and how HR can break away from being viewed as an unfortunate cost to an untapped source of revenue — plus 4 simple ways to start turning your HR function into a money maker.

    • Using Tap and Go Technology to Build a Job Network: How Tap-and-Go Technology Can Reinvent Your Recruitment Strategies. In this webinar co-presented with Ben Wagner from Tapit, Fiona and Alli talked about what “tap-and-go” is exactly, why it’s going to revolutionise the way people find staff (and jobs!) and how you can harness this exciting, affordable technology to drastically change the way you recruit for the better. Not to mention, the great questions and case studies. Click here for the webinar recording…

    • Bad for Business: Is your candidate experience damaging your brand? Your candidates are often your customers, so in this webinar, Workible Directors, Alli Baker and Fiona Anson, explore how a negative candidate experience can damage your brand and what you can do to improve. Click here for the webinar recording…

    • Building Talent Communities: In this webinar, Alli and Fiona discuss how to build a Job Network, sourcing strategies, how to identify top talent, and more. Click here for the webinar recording…

“Really good presentation. The Facebook recruitment tips in particular were great – I’m definitely going to be implementing a few of those in our recruitment process going forward.”

“It was really refreshing to get so much value without any sales pitch. There are strategies we’ll be implementing immediately.”

“I got more actionable information out of this webinar than I have from all the HR events I’ve attended in the past 6 months. Thanks Fiona and Alli, it was great.”