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As a leading Sydney Catering Company, we at Flavours Catering + Events pride ourselves on our winning combination of innovative menu ideas and our fresh approach to customer service.

We can successfully cater to any size and style of event: including, but not limited to, Cocktail Functions, Boardroom Lunches, Product Launches, Conferences, Weddings and Birthday Parties.

In this fast-paced and highly competitive market it is our outstanding customer service and our ‘above and beyond philosophy’ that drives our corporate catering – the backbone of our business.

At Flavours, we strive to be a great employer. As part of that effort we implement a number of strategies to ensure that the kitchen and office are great environments to work in which is reflected by our staff retention rate. Flavours management mentor and train all of our staff members to the best of their ability, and ensure that there are always opportunities and room to move within the business. We also actively encourage all staff to attend industry-specific events, such as seminars, workshops, tradeshows and networking events which is our investment to help keep staff abreast of industry trends whilst allowing them to acquire new skillsets and knowledge to further their careers.

One of our top priorities is to maintain a culture and environment at Flavours whereby people enjoy coming to work. We believe that employees should be able to relish in the social aspects of a work environment whilst working together to accomplish common goals. This is achieved by a strong mutual respect for one another and the role that each plays in the business. At Flavours, no job title is more important or special than another as each staff member plays an integral role in supporting the business.

Our open-management style encourages open, honest and transparent communication at all levels of the business and is also facilitated during weekly kitchen and administrative meetings during which open debate is stimulated by differing opinions and ideas. Our sense of “family” or “team” is also fostered by regular or annual events which Flavours offers such as daily team lunches, staff birthdays, annual Christmas parties and other events.

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