A Positive Vision and True Team Spirit

At Iku Wholefood, we have an undeniable passion for our food. Nutritious food is essential for good health and vitality. Food that is natural, wholesome, authentic, freshly prepared and tasty.

We believe in food with purpose, our simple philosophy… eat well, be well.

We strive to use our organic and other high quality ingredients whenever possible. All our foods are dairy free, additive free, preservative free, animal free and free from genetic modification.

With 13 busy locations in Sydney, Iku Wholefood is a company with a positive vision and all our staff are proud to offer our award-winning wholefood products. The company is big enough to offer an excellent range of opportunities and small enough to have a true team spirit. Opportunities for the successful applicant include developing a career in a leading company in a rapidly expanding market; and being part of a company that promotes good health and lifestyle with a positive vision and award-winning products.

When hiring, we look for candidates who not only have the experience and skills but also have a passion for good health and positive lifestyle.

If you would love to join our team, please join our Shortlist and you’ll be the first in line when we’re recruiting.

Please note, we do not employ candidates on a Working Holiday Visa.

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