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Many people seeking a career in a chosen field can participate in Work Experience as a part of their training. Most Work Experience programs are formal with an education provider providing workplace insurances for people involved in a Work Experience Program.

Businesses can lodge a Work Experience opportunity on Workible just like posting any job on the platform. Candidates can apply for a Work Experience Position on Workible which may be in the form of a one week, two week, or longer block of unpaid employment, or even a program where they are engaged in Work Experience one day a week for a term or more. Work Experience is a valuable tool for people undertaking training for a career as it can give them a head start in gaining paid employment, help them to have confidence in applying for roles and ensure that they are training for a role which they will find rewarding.

In most cases once a Work Experience candidate is selected employers and candidates need to complete the relevant paperwork as supplied by the training organisation prior to commencement in the work place. Employers are also required to evaluate the candidates performance and willingness to participate in the program.

Internships are different to Work Experience as they are usually associated with a Degree and Work Experience can be conducted by students at High School or TAFE and those completing TVET courses. Work Experience can be conducted for almost any job available!

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