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At G8 Education, we believe that our most valuable assets walk in the door each day – our employees. We value our employees. Without our employees, we recognise that we could not be the success we are today! As such, we believe in fostering talent through professional development, training and support to help make our great team even better!

Our recruitment strategy involves growing our own talent and promotion from within. We always look to utilise our in house talent before recruiting externally, to ensure our dedicated Educators have the opportunity for career progression.

Due to the vast range of Centres, we have numerous opportunities to advance your career. We also have a number of early learning positions available:

Operational Managers
Centre Managers
Assistant Centre Managers
Early Childhood Teachers
Lead Educators
Assistant Educators
Bus Drivers, and
Supporting our Educators are our Support Office professionals, located on the Gold Coast. At the Support Office we offer positions in Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and Payroll, Marketing, Operations Support, Information Technology, Safety & Facilities and Management.


Generous discounts on Child Care
Comprehensive Health & Wellness Program, including fully funded flu shots
Corporate Discounts through a national health insurance provider
Dedicate Employee Assistance Program
Exclusive accommodation packages for destinations right round Australia
Discounted subscription memberships with some of Australia’s largest entertainment and retail organisations
Development and training programs with a dedicated in-house education training manager and other discounted training opportunities
Succession planning designed to accelerate career progression
Mentorship and dedicated support – we have an experienced and dedicated Operations team that ensure their Centres and their staff are provided with support, knowledge and mentoring
Ad-hoc Incentives and competitions and team building events
Conferences and networking opportunities – We have a large network of Centres across Australia. These Centres are connected together through our intranet to share their knowledge, ideas and experience 24/7. You can read, watch videos and see photos from Centres 1000s kilometres away. Having support and networking connections from such a diverse range of early learning professionals, assists our Educators to perform to the best of their ability and reach their full potential
Fun, enjoyable productive working environment that encourages flexible work life balance

And lots more….

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