Tradition, Quality, Service

Few companies these days can claim to have been owned and managed by the same family for more than 90 years. Wallace Bishop has been doing so, with outstanding success, since 1917. A much-loved icon of the jewellery world, the Wallace Bishop company thrives on a culture of providing highly personalised and genuinely customer-focused service. The very heart of which comes from the family’s unwavering day to day involvement in every single aspect of the business.

One of Wallace Bishop’s defining traits is that the company has staunchly adhered to the principles of quality and personal care throughout its history, while setting the benchmark for innovation in the industry.

On one hand, fine traditional craftsmanship and individualised service are the cornerstones of the business. Wallace Bishop and son Stuart, are both skilled and fully qualified jewellers, with Chairman, Wallace Bishop, completing his watchmaking traineeship in 1950, and Stuart Bishop recently awarded the prestigious international DeBeers award for Jewellery Design. As CEO for much of the 1970s and 80s, Wallace Bishop continued to complete all valuations and diamond buying himself.

On the other hand, we’ve pushed the boundaries in many areas, with the first suburban shopping centre jewellery stores, Queensland’s only accredited TAG Heuer authorised workshop, and the promise of watch repairs completed within one week – an industry first and in complete contrast to the industry standard of six weeks.

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