Uber needs Partners like you.

Everyone’s Private Driver. Uber seamlessly connects riders to drivers through our app.

In the short time we have been in Australia, Uber has already had a massive impact on the way people view and use transport in their cities.

We don’t employ our Partner-Drivers, instead we offer an opportunity to be your own boss by becoming an independent contractor.

Through this Partner-Driver opportunity, Uber is able to offer a flexible and engaging way to make money, for instance, the typical uberX Partner-Driver earns $2500 a month working 20 hours a week.

But don’t take it from us… here’s what our customers and drivers have to say:

“My first ride with uberX was with an old taxi driver and I asked why he did this? He said it was because he could choose his hours, and make more money. I’m all for flexible work hours, it makes for a happier people. My driver was pleasant and chatty. My driver also had a very clean new car, unlike the old run down taxis on the road. Very safe driver. Fantastic service. The fact that I punch in my home address before jumping in means he knows where to go – brilliant! Will travel on uberX again. Sydney needs this.” — Craig, Sydney

“I really enjoy driving with Uber after years and years of driving my children around. Driving with Uber is like driving my family, only I’m getting paid for it.” — Graham, WA

“When I saw the Uber driver ad posting, I had just left a part-time job, and having not previously heard of Uber, was intrigued by the opportunity. I have a full-time career with regular hours, so the flexibility really appealed to me. I also really appreciate Uber’s consistent commitment to excellent customer service, as it aligns well with my own values. When riders ask me why I drive with Uber, I tell them: I love people, I love my car, and I love driving — it’s the ideal job for me! I enjoy meeting new people, and visiting with riders and making them feel welcome and cared for in my car is part of the service.” — Karen, QLD

“I drive so I can give my kids the best education possible. It was always important to me to be able to send them to a good school, and Uber gives me the opportunity to earn some extra income in my spare to fund their private school fees. I also love having a good chat to the passengers, everyone has an amazing story.” — Samuel, VIC

Drive with Uber and earn great money as an independent contractor. Get paid weekly just for helping our community of riders get rides around town. Be your own boss and get paid in fares for driving on your own schedule.

To be a candidate for our Partner program, you must be at least 21 years old, with a personal license and personal auto insurance. You also have to own your own vehicle which should be any mid-size or full-size 4-door vehicle, in excellent condition.

If you can meet these requirements, we welcome you to apply to become a Partner-Driver.

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