What if finding brand loyal staff was always at your finger tips?

Engaged employees start with engaged candidates.

Now you can drastically simplify your hiring process – and dramatically cut your recruitment advertising spend – guaranteed.

It’s no secret that your best employees are the ones who want to work for you – but how do you find them?

Workible’s Job Network platform not only allows you to do just that via your own branded talent pool, but you can also find out which candidate suits best by engaging with them – even before you have a job.

Each time a candidate interacts on the platform, they’re given engagement points – so now you can evaluate candidates by skills, qualifications, experience and availability and how much they love your brand.

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35 Ideas on How to Engage with Your Candidates.

Recruitment has become a marketing exercise, and those that understand this and harness the power of an engaged Job Network will have their pick of the best candidates available every time they hire. This free resource will provide you with an arsenal of ideas to help you communicate with your candidates and help them get to know you better before you even have a job to fill.

Watch the webinar on the Importance of Candidate Experience – Is your candidate experience damaging your brand?