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Looking to support a cause you’re passionate about, donate your time to improve someone else’s life or just do your part to make a difference in the world? Or perhaps you’re looking for that perfect opportunity to participate in a great event and gain some work experience at the same time. Join the Volunteer Job Network and get first dibs on opportunities that match your preferences and availability.

Whether you’re looking to volunteer locally or overseas, our clients are looking to quickly find enthusiastic volunteers to help out at special events, assist with fundraising and administration, or work with seniors, disadvantaged youth or pet rescue groups. Join the Volunteer Job Network so you can pick and choose what suits you, your skills and the opportunities you like.

To get the best results, join the Job Network here then download the Workible app to your smartphone and complete your profile with as much information as you can provide about your work experience, skills, availability and a little about what kind of volunteer experiences you’re interested in (a little tip: including a picture always helps make you a little more human and a little less anonymous!).

Even if you’re not actively looking for volunteer work right now, you can set this status in your profile but still remain on the Job Network — you never know when a great new opportunity might pop up!

Once you have the app, we’ll push notify you about volunteer work matching your profile that is available. You might also get a message from one of our employers if they see your profile and think you’d be a great fit for their volunteer opportunity.

Best of luck!

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