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Workible regularly produces monthly insights into workforce trends, job supply and demand and industry workforce analytics.

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Workforce Trends and Reports

The Jobs Agenda 2016

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Recruiters and HR Professionals

Next Generation Sourcing: The Recruiter’s Guide to Talent Flow


The 2016 National Jobseeker Experience Report


Hospitality Industry Reports

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Making informed decisions is reliant upon having the right information.

With a changing workforce and challenges around technology replacing jobs, jobs moving offshore and a shifting work preference to flexible and project-based work, there’s no doubt that we’re in a period of transition  – so it’s important that the information we rely upon it accurate and up to date..

In the past, we have relied on workforce statistics that are months, if not years, old.  Now Workible, with its technology powering the largest network of connect jobs sites in Australia and its unique Skills Analytics Engine*, is able to produce real time data on just about any aspects of the Australia workforce.

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