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Founded in Australia over 60 years ago, TNT is one of the world’s leading freight companies with an internationally recognised brand and operations in over 60 countries. Our success, growth and strong market position largely depend on the energy and efforts of our 5,000 Australian employees and we value the contribution they make everyday.

At all levels, our people are at the heart of our company and they always will be, because there’s something fundamental that unites us in a common cause: every one of us is working to deliver exceptional customer service. That means our people are the key to our continuing success.

As a worldwide organisation, TNT employs over 150,000 individuals who reflect a multitude of cultures, nationalities, religions, expertise and ideas. We have an extremely diverse customer base and, in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we promote the same levels of diversity amongst our staff.

This commitment combined with the creativity of our people has enabled TNT to grow into an exceptional organisation and we are continually looking for outstanding people to join our team.

The transport sector is a vital part of Australia’s economic infrastructure, linking the many businesses and enterprises that make up our economy both nationally and globally. A career with TNT will give you a strong foundation for your future and provide a happy, positive and socially responsible working environment for your employment.

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